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Gandacherra is a small village in Dhalai District of Truipura the village came into limelight as it is quite close to and has become the gateway to the famous Dumboor Lake.

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Dumboor Lake (Coconut Island)

The look of the lake is likea small drum, "Dumboor" of Lord Shiva from which the name "Dumboor" originates. A massive and breathtaking water body of 41 sq.km. with an unending green vegetation all around stands majestic for her exceedingly charming beauty and 48 islands in the midst of the lake. Migratory birds and water sports facilities are additional attractions. There is a Hydel Project near the lake from where River Gomati originates and this is called Tirthamukh where on 14th January every year famous 'Pous Sankranti Mela' takes place.

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Chabimura or Deotamura as it is also known as is famous for its panels of rock carvings on the steep mountain wall on the bank of Gomati. There are huge carved images of Shiva, Vishnu, Kartika, Mahisasur Mardini Durga and other gods and goddesses. This is also called Chabimura. These images date back to 15th-16th centuries.

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Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary

Gumti sanctuary having 389.540 square km is located at the south-east corner of the state in the south Tripura district. A very large variety of birds including winter visitors are found in the Gumti hydel reservoir. The sanctuary has virgin forests and are catchment areas of Gumti & Khowai rivers. This huge water body attracts many resident and migratory waterbirds from far off places. It has elephants, bison, Sambar, barking deer, wild goat or sarow, apart from many other animals and reptiles. The sanctuary can be approached via Ambassa and Gandacherra. A high concentration of primate species is noticeable in this sanctuary. Of them the Hoolock gibbon, slow loris, the capped langur, and phayres langur are endangered. It is also home to elephants, leopards, barking deer, wild dog, wild pig etc.amongst mammals.

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Longtharai Mandir

Longtharai is the name of Lord Shiva in KOK-BOROK language, according to the Tribal dialect of Tripura. There is a myth which says that Shiva on his return from Kailash rested here for some time in the hill of Longtharai. The hill is therefore known as Longtharai. Longtharai also means a Deep Valley. This temple is also one of the most popular tourist spot of the Dhalai District.

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Kamaleshwari Mandir

The temple is situated in the Kamalpur Nagar Panchayat of the Dhalai District. This Temple is located in the centre of the town and a major pilgrimage spot. Kamaleswari is another name of Goddess Kali. Kamalpur the largest Sub-divisional Town has been named after the temple. Kamaleswari Mandir is about 35 km away from Ambassa.

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