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Agartala Museums & Gardens

The city of Agartala has a number of museums and gardens the most prominent are the State Tribal Museum, The State Museum & Library, Heritage Park, and Rabindan Kanan park to name a few.

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Tribal Museum

A fascinating display of life-like dioramas follows, transporting the visitor across the diverse geography of Tripura. Travelling from hill ranges, across the undulating plateaus to the fertile alluvial plains, the diorama showcase the colourful dances, costumes and rituals of the Tripura tribes. Accompanying the diorama, are few collections of traditional musical instruments, ornaments, fishing and hunting implements, textiles as well as household utensils made of wood and bamboo. Drawing the eye of the visitor, each artifact has been chosen for its exquisite craftsmanship and unique design. The charming attention to aesthetic beauty even for everyday objects is the hallmark of this collection.

State Museum & Library

The Tripura Government Museum is also called the Tripura State Museum established in the year 1970. Built as a multi-cultural museum the endeavor was transferred to the courtyard sanctum of Ujjayanta Palace, located in the heart of Tripura State capital, Agartala. There are 4 large halls with as many as 76 galleries. The total number of displays is around 1400 that includes gold coins, silver coins, bronze statues & coins, murals, terracotta plaques, stone inscriptions, copper plates, sketches & paintings, textiles and ornaments. The stone statues and tablets from different archaeological sites like Pilak. Jolaibari, Udaipur and other places of Tripura are of great historical significance.

Heritage Park

The Heritage Park is built by the Government of Tripura in the heart of the capital city. The Heritage Park in Agartala next to the Raj Bhavan, is a grand establishment, inaugurated in the year 2012. The garden is very well manicured and sculpted by the landscape designers. The 12 acre park is covered by a 1.1 KM long park pathway that connects the three section of the Heritage Park namely - The Mini Tripura, The Natural Forest and The Medicinal Plant Table Top. The miniature versions of the wonders of Tripura namely Unakoti sculptures, Neermahal Palace, Ujjayanta Palace, Tripura Sundari Temple, Stone relics of Pilak, Mahamuni, Chandrapur etc.

Haveli Museum

Haveli Museum is one of the museum in Agartala which was established in the year 2012.  Its displays are related to discoveries related to earliest human inhabitance in the region of Agartala and its adjoining areas. The gallery of this museum displays all the artifacts that were found during the excavations. The museum displays the ancient artifacts that were discovered during excavations, tells about the culture of the place through paintings. The paintings usually include the history, local dance forms, customs & traditions, ritualistic practices etc.

Rabindra Kanan

Nestled south of Raj Bhawan, the sprawling ‘Rabindra Kanan’, a park with lush greenery and an abundance of flowers, is home to children and young people, looking for a peaceful nest for heart-to-heart chatting. Apart from the colorful flowers, what heightens the beauty of the park is a ‘Puppet House’ for children who enormously enjoy the puppet shows. 

Rose valley Amusement Park

Set in nature’s lap is the Rose Valley Amusement Park. With rides and slides, the scary room and the rope way, the best part of this park is the view. Several vantage points across the park give the perfect opportunities for photographs, a delight for photography enthusiasts. The water park is fun too, equipped with a number of rides including a boat ride! Enjoy a full day of complete fun at the Rose Valley Amusement Park.

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