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Natural Wonders Of Champai

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Tiau Lui River

The legendary river Ṭiau is the boundary between India and Myanmar. It has been the main place for border crossing from both sides. It has now developed into a commercial center, where all kinds of imported goods are available.

Lianchhiari Lunglen Tlang

This is the legendary cliff with its projection protruding perilously far outside the rugged mountain where the lovers Lianchhiari use to look-out for her besot Chawngfiang. No wonder that this idyllic view should find natural response to the romantic tribal population, enthusing them to weave out sweet lores around it. This is 64 kms South of Champhai on the way to Khawbung.

Thasiama Se No Neihna

This is a plateau on a steep rugged hillock that protrudes out precariously and is not easily navigable by man. Located at Vaphai, a village about 86 kms from Champhai, a visit to this site is a thrilling experience. According to legend the plateau is the site where Ṭhasiama's Mithun gave birth to a calf, considered impossible for a Mithun to climb even today. However, legend tells us that Ṭhasiama had an affair with a beautiful fairy name Chawngtinleri and that the fairy had bestowed him a gift that his Mithun will multiply and make him prosperous, from which time on the fairy would guide Ṭhasiama's Mithun for safe delivery to this particular hill and guard it against the onslaught of tigers that haunt the area. 

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