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Lung Milem

On a rocky portion on the southern edge of Tawikhawthlir hill near Mualcheng village, about 65 km south of Lunglei, there are three figurines of persons in meditational poses of the Buddhists which the local people call 'Lung Milem' or 'Stone Figures'. It is not known as to who created them and remains a mystery till date since no other relics of Buddhism is found elsewhere in the state.

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Ui Lung

A big monolith with remarkably intricate carvings, it is located near the village of Ngharchhip near the Myanmar border, to the east of Lunglei. It was erected around 1800 by a certain Chinzah chief and his citizens in expression of their ''longing" for their fellow clansmen with whom they were driven apart by a severe famine that broke out in their former village called Dawn, situated in what is now Myanmar republic. The stone measures about 8 ft and a half in height and 11 ft in girth and on its surface are interesting carvings of animal heads, gongs and human figures with spears and other weapons.


Situated in the vicinity of Rualalung village 91 km of the south of Lunglei, Lungding or literally "a stone that stands upright" is a fascinating natural landmark composed of rock and hard soil. About 60 ft in height, it measures 120 ft in girth at the base and tapers to a small flat top of about 20 sq.ft. Since, the surface is covered with shrubs and climbing plants it is not difficult to climb to the top. In their animistic days the Mizos used to believe that rocks, trees and other natural objects which are out of the ordinary in shape or size were in dwelled by spirits and Lungding was one such oddity.

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