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Champhai is a bustling commercial town at the Indo-Myanmar border that offers plenty of tourist attractions. Apart from its natural beauty, Champhai has interesting places to visit and is a store house of ancient relics, monuments, and memorials of legends and folklore. Situated at a distance of 192 kms from Aizawl, the town stands at an elevation of 1678 mts. Champhai is also known as the “fruit and rice bowl of Mizoram” because of the large production of rice and grapes. 

Views of vineyards, passion fruit, and kiwi fruit plantations on the hill slopes provide a myriad of captivating colours that take your breath away.

The market place at Champhai is a shopper's paradise. You can find an array of household items, clothes, cosmetics, and electronics at bargain prices. 

Believed to be the entry point and settlement of the first Mizo migrants to India, Champhai has a rich heritage background. At Champhai’s tiny villages and hamlets are monuments and monoliths that depict success in war, hunting, personal grieves, and achievements. There are also beautifully preserved landmarks wherein legends and folk lore's were spun. Champhai with its intriguing landscape, historic sites, and modern day development makes it an appealing tourist destination for all types of tourists.

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Champhai Winery, Champhai District

Champhai & Hnahlan Grape Winery Ltd. was established in 2007 and is the first winery in Mizoram. The grapes are locally grown, and they have a production unit in Champhai and Hnahlan. Champhai Winery released its first wine in September 2010 with the name Zawlaidi. Visitors can pre-book a wine tour.

Chawngtlai Historical Village

Chawngtlai is a historical village located in the north east of Mizoram, near Khawzawl. It is 45 kms from Champhai. This village was founded by the great Zahau chief, Nikuala, in 1887. There are a number of historical sites and artifacts in this village and its surrounding areas. The flower Chawngtlai is found in abundance. The villagers have been making efforts to make Chawngtlai Village a Chawgtlai flower village. Among the many interesting places to visit is a red-colored rock that is believed to be a fortune telling rock. It also has the tallest monolith (about 25 ft).

Rih Dil

Located 14 miles from Chamhai is Rih Lake, the largest lake in Mizoram. The lake is situated at a distance of about two miles from Tiau, which is the boundary river between Mizoram (India) and Myanmar, and is within the village area of Rihkhawdar in Myanmar. It is believed that the lake is haunted by a demon, which leads to the place’s mysteriousness.

Thasiama Se No Neihna

Thasiama Se No Neihna is a plateau on a steep rugged hillock that protrudes out precariously and is not easily navigable by foot. Located at Vaphai, a village about 86 kms from Champhai, a visit to this site is a thrilling experience. According to legend the plateau is the site where Ṭhasiama's mithun gave birth to a calf, considered impossible for a mithun to climb even today. However, legend tells us that Ṭhasiama had an affair with a beautiful fairy name Chawngtinleri and that the fairy had bestowed him a gift that his Mithun will multiply and make him prosperous, from which time on the fairy would guide Ṭhasiama's Mithun for safe delivery to this particular hill and guard it against the onslaught of tigers that haunt the area.

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