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Champai Caves

Champai is a small but magically beautiful district of Mizoram that is bestowed with pristine valleys resplendent in a carpet of thriving green grasses, fruits orchards, rhododendrons, and plantations around the settlements ascending over other smaller hills. Besides its picturesque and thriving green hills, Champai is also blessed with several interesting caves. 

Visiting the astonishing caves located at or near Champai District promises worthwhile experiences and stunning views of the green hills and valleys. As one starts heading higher, towards the Myanmar border, the hills turn greener and more attractive. Champai Caves of Mizoram tell stories of the past and some speak of interesting legends; many natural caves here have also originated from mass dislocation by tectonic forces and gravitation in Mizoram. The caves are mostly accessible during the dry season. 

Champai also makes one of the perfect bases for trekking and camping in the hills of Mizoram on various overgrown footpaths and faint jungle trails. 

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Tluangtea Puk

Near Kawlkulh village in Champhai district, is the second longest cave in Mizoram with a length of 119 mts, its vertical range is 19 mts deep. The cave site can be reached by driving for a few minutes along the road towards Pawlrang and by trekking for about 12 hrs on footpath and jungle trails.

Far Puk (Pine Cave)

This cave is situated in Champhai district near Farkawn and Vaphai villages. This cave is actually a rock shelter consisting of an approximately 50 mts long ledge which is in the average of 1 to 2 mts wide and situated halfway up and east facing cliff at a linear distance of 3 kms north of Farkawn. This site is expected to be a place of great archaeological significance as it provides natural shelter. The shelter is reported to have been used as a hideout during the insurgency.

Mura Puk (Cave)

At Zote village about 6 kms from Champhai is Mura Puk, a cluster of 6 (six) manmade caves carved out of solid rock. According to legend these are the hiding place of villagers from the onslaught of a gigantic eagle named Mura who preyed on them.

Kungawrhi Puk (Cave)

A day excursion from Champhai to Farkawn village will take you to Kungawrhi Puk, a deep and wide gaping hole on the side of a hill, which was once believed to be the entrance of an underground village inhabited by spirits.

Tialpari Puk

Named after Ṭialpari, daughter of the chief of Cheural village, this cave is situated on the south-eastern part of Phawngpui mountain. A small but cozy cave on a rocky area, it is associated with a touching story of Ṭialpari. It is said that at night a tiger used to come to keep her company and she would cuddle up against it for warmth. She remained here for many days until her beau Dopawrha finally came to take her away and marry her.

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