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Literally meaning ‘The Ocean of Lord Shiva’, Sivasagar is one of the popular tourist attractions in Assam. This upper Assam city has served as the seat of the Ahom kings for over 6 centuries, so you can expect a lot of Ahom influence in the architecture and culture here. Sivasagar was reckoned as the Golden Land by the Ahoms, who by chance reached this gorgeous place and found it worthy enough to be their power seat. At present, the city is among the most important tea and oil trading centers in Assam. Sivasagar is a great place for history lovers. Shivadol, Gaurisagar Tank, Joysagar Tank and Temples, Rang Ghar, Charaideo, Ahom Museum, Talatal Ghar, and Gargaon Palace are the tourist attractions in Sivasagar.

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Sibsagar Lake

Sibsagar Tank is an artificial lake that was built by Queen Ambika, wife of King Shiva Singha, in the year 1734. Sibsagar town was named after this lake, which is situated at the center of the town. Sibsagar Lake, which covers an area of about 130 acres, lies at an altitude of about 40 m and is surrounded by deep earthen moats. There are parks, gardens, museum, masjid, Buddhist monastery, church, and temples on the banks of Sibsagar Lake.  

Time taken from Sibsagar: 15 mins

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Rang Ghar

It is located near Rangpur Palace at a distance of 3 km from Sivasagar town. The name translates to 'House of Entertainment' and dates back to 1746 A.D. when the Ahoms used to rule present-day Assam. This monument is an important edifice reflecting the architectural precision and grandeur of that time. 

Time taken from Sibsagar: 12 mins 

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Charaideo Sibsagar

Located 28 km away from Sivasagar, this was once the capital of Ahom dynasty. It was built by Sukhapa, the founder of the Ahom dynasty. The main attraction of Charaideo is its burial vaults (or maidans) of the king and members of the Ahom dynasty. These vaults, built of stones and bricks, are in ruins today.

Time taken from Sibsagar: 37 mins 

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Shiv Dol

Siva dol (meaning the temple of the Lord Shiva) is a group of structures comprising three Hindu temples of Sivadol, Vishnudol (meaning temple of the Lord Vishnu) and Dol (means temple in the local Assamese language) shrines, and a museum. These are located on the banks of the Sivasagar  tank, also known as the Borpukhuri tank, in the heart of Sivasagar, in the Indian state of Assam. The tank was constructed between 1731 and 1738 and the temples were built in 1734 by Bar Raja Ambika, queen of Ahom king Swargadeo Siba Singha (1714–1744). The height of the Sivadol  is 104 feet (32 m) and the perimeter is 195 feet (59 m) at the base. It is crowned with an 8-foot (2.4 m) high golden-dome

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Ghanshyam House

Situated in the city of Sivasagar in Assam, Ghanashyam House is a magnificent structure which is named after its architect ‘Ghanashyam’. The monument is a terracotta brick temple which is nestled on the bank of the Joysagar tank. Ghanashyam House is also known as Nati Gosain Dol or Ghanashyam Dol. Ghanashyam House’s artwork and architecture is inspired by Islamic architecture. The door openings with arches resemble Islamic architecture. Terracotta works can be seen all over the walls of the monument. The temples of Bishnupur in West Bengal are similar to the Ghanashyam House in terms of architecture. A common boundary wall covers the monument’s three independent structures. It also has a Kitchen House or the Bhog Ghar. The monument does not have any similarity with any typical Hindu temple and also does not have any picture. The windows in this monument face towards west, north and east side walls. The main cell of the monument has an arched entrance which is same as the typical feature of a mosque.

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