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The visit to Salmora area of Majuli is a must to witness another historic art form. The three potters village in Salmora area of the Island could be delight to anyone who is interested in art and history. The potters in Salmora area does not use potters’wheel but are hand-made pottery—they use their fingers and palms to shape the clay into different earthen pots and idols. Close to 300 families of artisans are engaged in this historical art and they earn their livelihood by making the pottery. Worth mentioning here that the pottery artisans of Salmora has also kept alive the historical tradition of barter trade, which was prevalent in ancient days.

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Conceptualize your dream of delighting in a countryside expedition. The Pathorichuk village is a picturesque one and can be reached after crossing the three wooden bridges. The adventure of reaching here is definitely worth it. Besides crossing the bamboo bridge, you will enjoy a joy ride on a small boat in a traditional way. It is equally interesting to see how the country made boat works.

Samaguri Satra

An exciting experience awaits for you at the Samaguri Satra. The Satra is a dwelling place of mask makers who show exemplary skills in their field. In fact, they make amazing masks using bamboo base, dried cow dung and other things. Various dramas, called BHAWNA, take place in Majuli from time to time. Notably, these masks are important accessories of these acts.

As a matter of fact, the masks depict a specific character. Also, these are made accordingly to raise the fun quotient. The skill of mask-making is inherited from the forefathers. Interestingly, it is in practice until now. The exquisite craftsmanship and learning the skill of mask-making make tourists visit this winter holiday destination often.

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