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Tuting is a charming little town surrounded by dense forests and mountains, at a distance of close to 300 kms from district headquarters Yingkiyong in the Upper Siang district in Arunachal Pradesh. The triangle Gelling-Tuting-Singha constitutes the “Pemako Zone” of Buddhist Pilgrimage with small hamlets of the lamas amidst serene natural lakes. The Monasteries and Buddhist shrines have Sakyamuni Buddha and Guru Padmasambhava statues and other traditional artifacts of the vajrayana form of Buddhism. Most of the local Adi tribe people practice the religion of Donyi Polo (Worship of Siun & Moon) which is quite similar to the Chinese Yin & Yang practice. 

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Mariyang is the homeland of Padam, Pasi and Millang communities located at 52 KMs from the district headquarters, Yingkiong. It is also accessible via Pasighat – Ranaghat road, crossing the river Siang by boat. It is situated at a hillock overlooking the confluence of the river Yammeng and Yamne. Apart from scenic beauty, one can go and see the Damro village, which is known to be the largest village of Upper Siang (10 Kms from Mariyang). Pekimodi, which is famous in Adi folklore is 34 Kms away from Mariyang. The Padams, Millangs and Pasis have a rich traditional culture. Solung a festival is celebrated in the month of September. During this festival, a traditional dance form namely Ponung is performed by the village belles.

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Gelling is the village, which is attached to the International Boundary of China, the famous MacMohan Line touches this region. River Tsangpo enters here from Tibet and is locally named Tsang Chu, which is further named river Siang in the South and Bramhaputra in Assam. Hike to Dampo Tso Lake, Sibe-Re waterfall are the main attractions of this village.

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Dewakota means abode of God derived from Sanskrit. It is surrounded by Nyigong (Yangshang Chu) river and is located on a plateau. It is 40 KM (Approx.) from Tuting and accessible only by porter track. The natives believe that Guru Rimpoche has kept many sacred treasure / script (TER) at Dewakota, which are yet to be revealed and deciphered. The caves can accommodate more than 100 pilgrims at a time. They are accessible only during winter season, because for in summer season, the caves remain submerged under Yangshang Chu river. 

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