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The scenic town of Daporijo is 160 km from Ziro and is the headquarters of Upper Subansiri district situated by the banks of the Subansiri River. Daporijo is a small scenic town where one can see suspension bridges over Subansiri River made from bamboo and cane - a testimony of rich tribal craftsmanship. The Sigem-Daporijo Reserve forest and Kamala Reserve forest with its rich avi-fauna diversity are worth seeing. Subansiri River is also ideal for river rafting, angling and picnic. Lugi village Museum and Craft Centre are other places which could hold your interest.

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Meghna Cave Temple

This ancient cave temple dates back to 5,000 years and was rediscovered in the year 1962. Located at an altitude of 300 feet, the temple offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Majestic mountains, dense forests presenting lush greenery to your eyes, and a beautiful river flowing below give you the most wonderful experience. You will be at a loss for words to describe the immense beauty of the place. Set your camera in motion so that you can relive the memories on your return.

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Handicraft Centre

Cane and bamboo are the two most commonly-used materials in daily life in Arunachal Pradesh. Products ranging from household implements to construction of dwelling houses to weaving accessories to musical instruments are made in bamboo. Operated by Upper Subansiri HL & HC Dev. Co-op. Society Ltd., there are a number of artisans making Bamboo baskets and other handloom other products.

Rural Tourism at Ligu Village

A hub for the tourist seeking to experience rural life with home stay facilities is run at Ligu village operated by the villagers themselves. Showcasing of rich tribal heritage and culture is the most important concept of rural tourism at Ligu.

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Tamak Riddi Orange Garden

An Orange orchard on the right bank of Subansiri River. It’s worth a visit during the season time when one can buy oranges. But it’s worth a visit even during spring time when the orange flowers are blooming.

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Adventure Tourism

The rugged mountains with rocky tops are an ideal place for hiking, trekking, rock climbing, etc. The Subansiri River and its cascading tributaries meandering throughout the district provide an ample opportunity for white water sports like, Rafting, Angling, Boating etc. in winter season. Location :- 1. Angling: Throughout the Subansiri River. 2. Rafting: From Nacho to entire course of river. 3. Trekking, Hiking & Rock-climbing, etc: Taliha, Nacho and its nearby villages.

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