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Digboi is one of the important cities in the state of Assam. It is referred to as the ‘Oil City’ as the country’s first ever oil refinery was established here. Going by the history of the land, its existence dates back to 18th century the period during which oil was first discovered here. In the year 1867, when the railway tracks were being laid here, oil traces were found and the rest is history. However, the city is not all about oil. It has various other interesting features as well. You could get some of the best handicrafts in the city. Dolls made from wax are popular here. It is famous for traditional textiles that reflect the culture of the land and you will find them priced reasonably. The oil land still has strong traces of British colonialism in its golf courses and clubs. Digboi is being promoted as a tourist center thanks to the attractions in and around the place and hence if you are here, you are sure to find

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Place of Interest / Things to do
WW II Cemetery

The Digboi Cemetery of World War-II is of the Europeans (mainly British) deployed in this Front for joint Operation with the Chinese and the Americans under General Stillwell. Some British Officers of OIL who might have died were also perhaps laid here, may be due to lack of adequate facilities to send the bodies back home. However, the bodies of the Americans and Negros were temporarily buried on a plot of high land retrieved in coffins and carried back to their homeland. But the bodies or the remains of the Chinese were permanently laid here.

Ridge Point

Rhe Ridge Hill Point is located near Digboi town, in the Tinsukia district of Assam. The view from this point is simply magnificent and breathtaking. People often come to this place to have a bird’s eye view of Digboi. On clear days, one can even see the snow- capped mountains of the Eastern Himalayas, from here. 

Digboi Lake

Spending time near the picturesque lake of Digboi, and watching the birds on a bright day is the best thing you can do here. Boating facilities are available at the lake 

Digboi Centenary Museum

As part of the centenary celebrations of the first production oil well in India, the Assam Oil Company (part of Indian Oil) established a museum of the history of the Assam oil industry, behind the refinery at Digboi, which opened in early 2002. There is a fair amount of preserved machinery present, much of it stationary steam. Not illustrated are a number of small simplex and duplex pumps, mostly anonymous but including a couple of examples by Weir. Note that the museum is closed on Monday and nearby is the Digboi 

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